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Our company has been operating since 2015.  We are a Solar PV (Photovoltaic) company based in Noordhoek, Cape Town and would like to offer our services to you.  We are licensed, registered and have nearly 30 years in all aspects of the electrical field from domestic houses to commercial building services and industrial sites.

We also have 10 years experience in the energy management industry.  Solar PV is seen by most as a huge cost rather than a wise investment, which pays for itself very quickly and saves on electricity costs. No more worries about electricity hikes or load shedding.

As you are aware, South Africa is using mostly non-renewable resources to power the Power Stations, which is very harmful to the environment. More and more people are installing solar PV to become more self-sufficient and less reliant on Eskom.

Benefits of installing a Solar PV System

1. Save on your electricity costs,

2. Less impact due to tariff increases,

3. Generating your own renewable energy,

4. Backup to reduce load shedding impact,

5. Increase of property value,

6. Good return on investment for years to come.

A site visit is required in order to perform an audit and to install logging equipment.  Thereafter a quotation will be given, so that the client can make an informed decision.

Examples of Systems

Domestic house: Full hybrid system, solar array, battery bank, set up for self- consumption with or without battery backup for load shedding/power outages.

SSEG; Small Scale Embedded Generation System:  Grid Tied system, using the grid to store excess energy and use the stored energy at night.

Business Premises: Grid tied or full hybrid system to optimise self- consumption, solar array with or without battery backup or SSEG.



Profile data recording (data logging) in order to collect all the relevant information in order to SIZE the new solar system, the TYPE of solar system to be used, SAVINGS and PAYBACK period. Investigate the existing electrical reticulation changes required for the new solar system. We will also look at energy efficiency and load shifting to optimise savings and self consumption.


Install solar array on roof tops or suitable location. Install inverters, charge controllers, hybrid inverters, battery bank and all electrics. Install all AC and DC safeties. Installation will comply with SANS electrical regulations. Test and commission, client training, handover the complete installation and technical manuals, issuing of a Certificate of Compliance (CoC).


We offer maintenance and repair to any PV system. We can be called out when required or arrange a periodic inspection and maintenance.

Contact us for more information on Solar Electric Products and Systems