At SolarElectric:

  • we offer our services and products to home owners, commercial and industrial, to bring down their electricity costs and go green.
  • we work with the client in order to achieve the best system to fit within their budget.
  • we stay up to date with products and product performance therefore you will be getting the best known products
  • we strive to self-test as much as possible to ensure you get the best results from your system.
  • we guarantee that all installations are supervised and an electrical Certificate of Compliance is issued for all new installations.
  • we will, on request, demonstrate an installation, its operation and the savings generated.



For every installation, we begin by doing a thorough audit because it is essential to obtain all the information required. As part of this, we investigate and collect information so that we can size and check which type of solar system is required, as well as working out the projected savings and payback period. We also take a look at the existing electrical reticulation changes that will be required for the new solar system. And finally, we assess energy efficiency and load shifting therefore we optimise savings and self consumption.


Installation includes fitting the solar array on rooftops or an alternatively suitable location; installing inverters, charge controllers, hybrid inverters, battery bank and all electrics; and installing all AC and DC safeties, all in compliance with the SANS electrical regulations.
In addition, we will test and commission, train the client, and hand over the completed installation with technical manual, and a Certificate of Compliance (COC).

Maintenance and Repair

We offer full maintenance and repair to any PV system, or a pre-arranged regular inspection and maintenance visit.

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